Obiter Dictum

Notes on the adventure of life.

Before we start

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An obiter dictum (plural obiter dicta) is Latin for a statement “said by the way”. Obiter dicta are words introduced by way of illustration, analogy or argument. Statements constituting obiter dicta are not binding, although in some jurisdictions, such as England and Wales, they can be strongly persuasive, which is why neither Bart Simpson nor I live in England or Wales.

Private Matters.
I have long toes and a restless soul, both are my father’s fault. I refuse to iron, which is my mother’s fault for making me iron three loads of washing in a single afternoon. Other than that we have a perfectly normal relationship.

I grew up on three continents and went to seven schools, not counting tertiary education. Thanks again, mom and dad. Really.

When I was younger, people used to call me “the Why Kid“. Others think I’m the Spanish Inquisition incarnate.
I’m opinionated. It drives some people crazy; others don’t seem to mind and stick around.

I believe it is healthy to laugh at yourself – often. I learned this when at sixteen my boyfriend brought a pair of gloves and suggested I wear them as socks.

Forgive me if I make fun of inappropriate topics at inappropriate moments. It keeps me sane.

I have few friends and even fewer soul mates. I treasure them.
I live by the motto “Live and Let Live. But fuck it, LIVE!”.

This life is my adventure, and these are my notes, none of which I can be held accountable for under any circumstances.

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Written by sabineclappaert

April 6, 2009 at 10:44 am

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